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Finding Light In Our Grief: Turning to God in the Darkest Moments 

Life is full of trials and tribulations. We’ve all had moments where we turn to God in our silence or when we turn off the lights at the end of the day and ask, “Why?” The days might seem too much. At the time of this writing, the world was still in the middle of a pandemic that led the country into an unprecedented state: one of isolation, fear, and uncertainty. It is easy to let these things overpower us. The same goes for when we experience grief. Losing a loved one or experiencing some kind of deep loss is not easy, but it is certainly part of life. So what are some ways to find the light in the darkness?

When things seem grim and we have lost someone we loved or perhaps our livelihoods. This pandemic will find many people out of work and, while it’s a different type of grief, that too can feel like a loss. 

Accepting the Pain and Trusting in God

When suffering comes about, we tend to do everything we can to push it aside, to avoid experiencing it. We want to distract ourselves. In fact, our culture is very much one of distraction that consumes media and entertainment in large volumes. This can sometimes prevent us from truly experiencing grief and everything that it can teach us. 

It’s not that you want to wallow in your grief. It’s certainly not that you want to stay in the place of darkness. It’s something a little simpler than that: We suffer, but we are not alone. God is with us and he is working something out in the darkness. 

Working it out in the darkness…

We always like to use the example of the resurrection. When Jesus died on the cross, His body was placed in a dark cave. When that cave was opened up, He was gone and sure enough, he had been resurrected. Something had happened in the darkness, but it led to a new life. 

If you are experiencing grief or loss, allow yourself to feel it. Don’t run from it. Pray through the pain. Listen to God. Running or denying these feelings of pain can actually push us away from God and hinder our relationship with him. 

How Do I Allow My Pain to Pass?  — Invite Christ Into Your Grief

This may sound rather ambiguous. What does that mean? Navigating through loss, death, pain, or sin is not an exact science. In act, it is different for everyone. Each person has gone through their own unique set of experiences and challenges. We can seek comfort in others, know that we are loved by our family and friends. Ultimately, however, the ultimate comfort will come in inviting Him into our hearts. After all, he endured the ultimate suffering. He did it for us. He understands your pain and your doubt. Invite Christ into your grief and find him there. So how do you do that?

Search for Him and Invite Him in Times of Silence 

Sometimes we have so many things going on at once. We have the radio on, a podcast, the television in the background. We busy ourselves with menial tasks, washing dishes, laundry, etc. All of this is fine and might be necessary, but sometimes it is good to be with Christ in silence. Turn everything off. Go out in nature and listen to Him. Clear your mind of worldly thoughts and worries. What’s for dinner? What will happen in my job? How will I pay rent next month? 

There is a time and space for these thoughts, but when trying to evoke a conversation with God, try to quiet the mind of these worries. 

Use the Word of God to Get Close to Him

If you are feeling heartbroken or lost, seek scripture that touches your heart. After all, ‘in the beginning, was the word and the word was God.’ This means that through the Word, we find Him. 

Here are a couple of verses in which you might find comfort:

Psalm 34:18

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

The Lord knows when you are brokenhearted. He will come for you. Let him find you. 

Psalm 56:8

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

As always, God knows your pain. He knows your sorrows, past and present. He has seen your sins and forgiven those that you have repented for. So he sees you in all your vulnerability and still he loves you so. He loves you immensely. He wants beautiful and great things for you. 

In the end, remember John 16:33

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye should have tribulation: but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world. 

Come and Share Your Grief With Us at Faith Miracle 

As the children of God, we are all in this together. Grief and pain is something we have all experienced. Come and share the Word of God and rejoice in song and spirit. If you feel you need to talk to someone or need some guidance, we are here. Faith Miracle Sanctuary welcomes you. 

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