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Strengthening Your Relationship with God and How It Can Define Your Life

young man standing outside and holding his hands out in prayer as he joyously basks in the presence of God

In life, our relationships are at the center of so much of what we do. Our friends and the people we surround ourselves with have a great impact on our lives. In a way, they define our family lives, our work lives, and play a key role in forming who we are and what’s important for us. Understanding how to form a relationship with God means learning how to understand and center your life around light, faith, and courage. How then do you get closer to God and form a personal relationship with Him? It’s a question that many people ask and often arises in times when we feel isolated or distant from our own faith. It is not necessary to make this more complicated than it needs to be. 

Here are a few steps that anyone can take to get closer to God and make him a presence in their lives. 

Go To Him 

It begins with that simple step. In order to find God, you must go to Him and where he resides. During the clamor and chaos of the day, you must take the time to stop the earthly things that take a hold of us and visit God in silence. It can be a ten-minute gap, where you retreat from the world and seek him out. 

God is Present but He Gives You Space

God is not pushy. He doesn’t stand outside your door and constantly checks up on you, asking you whether you took care of that, did that, remembered to do that. He does not push Himself upon anyone. Instead, he is present and waits for you to approach Him, always receiving you with open arms. Like any relationship, it takes a conscious investment of time, attention, and honesty. The initiative is yours. This relationship will take time. 

Be Consistent and Don’t Let Silence Dissuade You

When you want to get closer to someone in your personal life, there are several things we might do. We spend more time with them. We listen to what they say. We tell them our stories. We invite them into our home and welcome them into our most important and most difficult moments. Some days, it may come easy to communicate with God. Other days, it might be harder and all you’ll manage is “Lord, I’m with you. Here I am.” The important thing is to be consistent, to listen even when it feels silent. Like any relationship, the conversation is two-way and will require you to listen closely. Keep your ears and heart open and take action when you hear God. 

So on a practical level, what do you do every day to build and strengthen this relationship?

  1. Love God completely. Concentrate your energy towards the good and love God all day every day. In moments of uncertainty, doubt, and loss, love God wholeheartedly. Turn to Him and say, “Lord, I don’t understand this yet. I trust you. You’re working this for good.”
  2.  Love your neighbors and your enemies. The enemy might be a dramatic word. Most people might not have enemies in their day-to-day lives, but there might be people that you feel stand in your way, are dishonest, or maybe don’t have your best interests in mind. Love these people and love your neighbor. See people the way God sees them and the world will open up to you in a different way. Loving your neighbors is a way to get closer to Him.
  3. Serve God, not money or success. Our society is very much geared towards achievement and material success. It can be easy to get caught in the rat race and lose focus on what really matters. Earthly pursuits are tempting and they often grab hold of us. When this happens, you want to keep it at the forefront of your mind. 
  4. Know God. So how do you get to know God? There are many ways to do this, but one thing we can do is to study and dive into his Word. Read the Bible. Engage with the stories that have given hope and wisdom to generations of Christians. This means you will grow to understand him better. 
  5. Be honest in your life, your faith, and your actions. It’s easy to fall into temptation or let our selfishness take hold. Follow God’s commandments and try to act truthfully and honestly in your life. 

Looking for a Way to Strengthen Your Relationship With God, Join Us 

“Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

So whether you are in pain or in joy, what you experience is important. It can guide you. Here at Faith Miracle Sanctuary, we focus on helping others find their personal relationship with God, in understanding Him, and letting his light guide your personal decisions. Whether you are experiencing good times or difficult times in your life, a strong relationship with God will prepare you for anything.

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