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How to Talk to People That Have Different Beliefs From Yours

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Religious beliefs can be tough to talk about with non-believers, but it can be even more of a challenge when your beliefs are different from a fellow believer. There are a number of religions and there are many followers of each, such as Hinduists, Buddhists, Catholics, Apostolics, Protestants. Because of the vast amount of religious sects, it begs the question as to how we react and talk in a mature manner to those who believe in a higher being differently. This situation can be awkward for people because no one wants to fight over beliefs, but it is evident that people still want to stand for what they believe in. Despite the different cultures and belief systems that people are tied to, it is still possible to express your thoughts and opinions to one another. Below are some tactics to guide you when approaching an individual with differing beliefs. 

Be an Open Listener

Everyone is a bit biased by nature, but you cannot let your biases dictate your state of mind. When you are speaking with a person that has different beliefs from yours, you have to be open and understanding as to where they are coming from. Allow them to explain and expand on their points, don’t interrupt them, and give them the opportunity to finish speaking comfortably. 

Make Your Intentions Evident

Before you begin to touch on the reasoning of your beliefs, it’s polite to state something along the lines of “I do not mean to offend your beliefs, I’m only trying to express my own”. This is where maturity in the conversation is established. When you exchange that information with the person you are conversing with, it allows them to respect where you are coming from and be open to your points and argument as well. 

State Your Thoughts Properly

The way in which you word your point on your beliefs is where you have to be careful. Don’t use any foul language- that literally defeats the point of a conversation about faith. If there is something you think you need to expand on to avoid confusion, don’t think about it, just do it. Take the time you need to think of how you are going to state the thoughts you have on your faith. 

Spreading our Grace 

Christians are taught to be good to people, even when people are not good to them- and that includes the instance in which you might find yourself defending your faith. Here at the Faith Miracle Sanctuary Christian Worship Center, we accept people with arms wide open and are dedicated to helping you learn how to lead a more Christian-like life. Give us a call today if you want to be a part of our family!

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