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When Someone Close to You is Not a Believer: What to Do

Man and woman discuss controversial section of the Bible so one will believe in Christianity

Even though you may see the merit and truth of Christ, it’s not always guaranteed that those around you will believe along with you. In fact, studies show that there is a growing population of atheist and agnostic. 20% of the U.S are religiously unaffiliated, with 3% identifying as atheists. It can be hard to deal with people who don’t believe, but here are some tips for having close relationships with the people close to you.

Staying Patient

As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Indeed, trying to force Christ upon someone is one of the worst things that you can do. Brute force will give off the impression that Christianity is about demanding compliance, when it is about shepherding people into the glorious practices and beliefs of Christianity. Make sure that loved ones have a firm grasp on the meaning of Christianity, without making them feel overwhelmed or misheard. Listen to their reasons for not believing, and address them with love and compassion. 

Bring them to Church Events

One of the best ways to try and introduce your loved one to the love of Christ is through immersion. Bringing them to our bible study, ministry events, or church services can let them get a better understanding of the power of Christ and the love of Christ. It also gives your loved one an opportunity to interact with more believers and hear their stories. God’s plan and touch is different for everyone, so hearing the perspective of multiple people can be another deciding factor in their decision to accept Christ. We have services weekly, and there are plenty of times that can fit for you and your loved one. 

Use Kindness to Convince

If your loved one still won’t believe after talking with them and exposing them to Christ, then impress them with the changes that Christ has had on your life. Show them the kindness and compassion that you’ve gained from God’s love, and show them that they too can change if they believe and let Jesus and God into their life. 

Never Give Up

It can sometimes feel normal that your loved one doesn’t believe, but you should never forget about the consequences of that. The Bible is pretty clear on the consequences of not having faith, and you should not condemn that person to the consequences of not having faith. Give them gentle reminders every now and again, and invite them to church events. If you truly care about someone, you should never give up on showing them the light of Christ.

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