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What to Look For When Choosing a New Church in Johnson City

A congregation worshiping at church.Finding a new church in Johnson City can be difficult. This is because some people may have certain preferences regarding preaching, the congregation’s leaders, and many other factors. According to a study, 27% of people looking for a new congregation said they found it difficult. But here at Faith Miracle Sanctuary, you don’t have to face these difficulties! To guide your search, we provide some tips. 

Welcome Services 

If a church has welcome services or welcoming leadership, this is a good sign! You should feel comfortable and welcomed wherever you go, especially in the church you choose to attend regularly. You can always consult with our leaders to learn more about how our church welcomes new members. 

Community Involvement 

Many churches in Johnson City offer community involvement and are willing to take volunteers. If you are looking to contribute more to your community, this is something that can be found in a new church. Getting involved with community work is a great way to create friendships, build faith, and do good for the people around you! 

Support Groups and Counseling 

A church or the people of the church should offer consolation and support of any kind if you are struggling with personal issues. You can always ask the leader of a church to learn more about what kinds of services are available to help you navigate difficult times. Some of these services could include: 

  • Pastoral care
  • Prayer
  • Counseling 

Quality of Sermons 

Quality sermons are a leading factor in why people choose the congregations they do. In addition, people also look for location and proximity. People want to be able to attend quality services at a location that is local to their residency. The location also tends to be important because, oftentimes, people believe it reflects the associations of such churches or religious systems. 


If you want to learn as much as possible about your faith, looking for a church in Johnson City that offers classes is a great way to narrow your options. Most churches offer classes on Sundays, as is tradition. Although, if the weekends do not work for you, some churches in Johnson City may offer weekly classes. Of course, these classes are based on age group and what exactly you are looking to learn more of. 

A Culture of Growth 

Do you want to find a church in Johnson City that grows so that you can grow with it? Are members excited to tell others about the church you are currently looking into attending? Does the community have good things to say about the church? These are all important questions to ask if you are looking for a church that can help you grow spiritually. 

Sense of Mission 

Another important question to ask yourself is whether or not the mission and the principles of the church are clear. This is important to ask because you need to know whether a church operates or aligns with your values and speaks to your spirit. You can often find mission statements or statements of belief on the website of the church in Johnson City you’re currently looking into. 

Discipleship Amongst One Another 

One last and very important key factor to consider is to know that a church does not exist to enable people from old ways of life. Joining a church is about the willingness to change. Overall, a church’s mission should be able to encourage newcomers to become disciples. 

Find a Church in Johnson City that Supports You

Faith Miracle Sanctuary welcomes guests, new and old, with open arms. You can celebrate your faith and grow with others when you join our worship center. To learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (423) 913-2770.

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