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Tag: Christian values

Introducing My Child to Jesus and Christian Values

How we choose to introduce our children to Jesus and Christian values is important. Raising children who love God and use their Christianity to help them make life decisions matters more than ever. That saying “children are like sponges” is repeated time and time again because it’s true. As your child’s mind develops, it is […]

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The Importance of Youth Ministry Today

Teens face many new challenges that some of us adults who are of a different generation are not aware of. From the daily broadcast of every move on social media to dealing with a heightened depression that stems from the need and desire to fit in based on the media’s portrayal of what it means […]

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The Importance of Breaking Down Denominational Walls

When we live with religious walls that separate us from one Body of Christ, we begin to experience a departure from one mind and one accord. In Philippians 2:2 it says, “Then make my joy complete by being of one mind, having the same love, being united in spirit and purpose.” God’s church transcends denomination […]

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