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The Importance of Youth Ministry Today

youth ministry

Teens face many new challenges that some of us adults who are of a different generation are not aware of. From the daily broadcast of every move on social media to dealing with a heightened depression that stems from the need and desire to fit in based on the media’s portrayal of what it means to be attractive. Whether you’re raising a teen, teach in a high school, or are an older sibling, there is something you can do to better understand what your daughter, son, student, brother, or sister may be dealing with.

More than ever, the need to bring teens to youth ministry is important. Too often we assume that what teens are dealing with is a passing phase when in reality those issues can easily carry on into adulthood. They could be needing our help but we haven’t been receptive to their concerns. By taking action today you can make a significant impact on someone’s life.

What is the Purpose of Youth Ministry Today?

Youth ministry serves many purposes. For one, it’s a place where teens can feel part of a loving, supportive community. It’s also a time and a place where teens can create healthy relationships with other teens who may be seeking the same belonging. If the teen is a first time visitor, it can foster a foundation for a lifetime of walking with Christ. The subjects discussed during youth ministry allow teens to learn about the Bible and dive deeper into the study of Jesus Christ. Even if at some point the teen attended church, perhaps as a child, youth ministry is an opportunity for him or her to re-establish a connection between the way of Jesus and their own life. Through interactive discussions, activities, and events, teenagers will begin to see a connection between Christianity and a sense of worth, which is extremely vital.

Youth Ministry at Faith Miracle Sanctuary Christian Worship Center

At Faith Miracle Sanctuary Christian Worship Center, a non-denominational church, we place a strong emphasis on helping our teens become a person who is joyful, loves themselves and others, walks with Christ, and leads by example. We realize that many of our youth come from different backgrounds and home environments, which can be challenging when it comes to opening up and letting Christ into their life. For those and other reasons, we approach youth ministry by welcoming all walks of life.

If you live in the Johnson City, TN area, we invite you to join us for services and bring your teen to youth service. Please connect with us today to learn more about our welcoming church. We look forward to meeting you!  

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