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Author: Otto

Making the Right Choice: God, Free Will, and Life Decisions

We’ve all been at a crossroads. Those are the moments in our lives where we come to a fork in the road that requires a decision. We want to make the right choice. We want to do the right thing for ourselves, our families, and for God. We look for clues and signs and agonize […]

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Overcoming Suffering: The Freedom of Forgiveness and Faith 

One of the biggest and most difficult questions that plague a lot of Christians is the question of achieving true unshakable unfaltering faith. When things are going well in our lives, it seems far more straightforward, but when suffering plagues our families, violence touches our loved ones, the disease strikes someone we’re close to, maintaining […]

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Building Faith: Finding Peace To the Question of Suffering

One leading question that God-loving people have asked for centuries has to do with the nature of suffering. As the world spits up tragedies and wars and conflicts that cause the endless suffering of innocent people, it is not uncommon to sit and wonder why. When something happens in our lives that devastates or derails […]

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Three Ways to Keep the Word of God in Your Life Every Day

Today’s modern lifestyle doesn’t always offer a lot of opportunities for silence and worship. It might also make it difficult to spend some time in front of the bible verse of the day with enough room and quiet to take in the message. We have to make that time and look for ways in which […]

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How to Talk to People That Have Different Beliefs From Yours

Religious beliefs can be tough to talk about with non-believers, but it can be even more of a challenge when your beliefs are different from a fellow believer. There are a number of religions and there are many followers of each, such as Hinduists, Buddhists, Catholics, Apostolics, Protestants. Because of the vast amount of religious […]

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When Someone Close to You is Not a Believer: What to Do

Even though you may see the merit and truth of Christ, it’s not always guaranteed that those around you will believe along with you. In fact, studies show that there is a growing population of atheist and agnostic. 20% of the U.S are religiously unaffiliated, with 3% identifying as atheists. It can be hard to […]

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