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Author: Faith Miracle Sanctuary Christian Worship Center

How Your Faith Can Support Your Mental Health

Now more than ever, it is crucial to take care of our mental health and well-being. With the pace of everyday life, it can be easy to start struggling mentally and begin to feel discouraged. Thankfully, our faith in God can take us higher and lift us up. Even when times feel dark, and it […]

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Top Apps Every Christian Should Have

With the level of technology that we have today, there are all kinds of apps out there. There are apps tailored to everyone’s interests, careers, education, hobbies, and more! Thankfully, many apps can help you study scripture, pray, and live out your faith in everyday life. Here are some apps we recommend every Christian should […]

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7 Ways to Stay Close to God This Holiday Season

At some point in our lives, everyone has a hard time making time for and prioritizing what matters to them, especially during the busy holiday season. We all can get sidetracked from maintaining a relationship with God. We’re all easily flooded with family gatherings, holiday events, and gift shopping. But still, it is always possible […]

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What to Look For When Choosing a New Church in Johnson City

Finding a new church in Johnson City can be difficult. This is because some people may have certain preferences regarding preaching, the congregation’s leaders, and many other factors. According to a study, 27% of people looking for a new congregation said they found it difficult. But here at Faith Miracle Sanctuary, you don’t have to […]

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